Who can add data to XNAT Central?

You can. Anybody can. Just create a project and start uploading.

Who can access XNAT Central data?

There are three kinds of projects in Central:

  • Public: Public projects can be accessed by anyone -- they can search the data, view it, and download it.
  • Protected:  Protected projects are only accessible by people the project owner adds as collaborators; however, anyone can see the project and its description on the XNAT Central projects page and request access to the data.
  • Private: Private projects are visible only to the project members and collaborators who are explicitly added by the project's owner.

Who can edit and delete data in a project?

Regardless of whether a project is public, protected, or private, only owners and members of a project can alter the data. Collaborators can access the data but not alter it.

How much data can I put in XNAT Central?

Right now, you can stick as much in it as you want. Eventually, we'll run out of storage space and then we'll need a new strategy. Until then, have fun.

What kind of image data can I put in XNAT Central?

DICOM. Eventually we'll support other formats, but stick to DICOM for now.

What kind of non-image data can I put in XNAT Central?

Right now, non-image data is limited to some basic demographics (age, gender). Eventually we'll add tools for storing a range of clinical, genetic, behavioral, and other data.

Does XNAT Central do any kind of image processing?

Not yet, but soon.