XNAT Pipeline Engine is a JAVA based framework, which links sequential activities, human and computer, into a defined process flow and manages how the data moves from step to step based on the results of each step. Processing data and creating reconstructed images, assessors can be done through the XNAT Pipeline Engine.

In this session, we will discuss how to create pipelines, schedule jobs, release pipelines for the site, and how to setup pipelines for a project.


Date: 06/29/10
Time: 1:00 PM
Presenter(s): Mohana Ramaratnam
Location: Connor Auditorium


  • Pipeline Engine components - Pipeline descriptor, XnatPipelineLauncher, Creating custom xpath functions
  • XNAT Site Pipeline repository
    • How to add, delete a pipeline for a XNAT Site
    • How to setup pipeline for a project
    • Launching a pipeline
  • Walk through steps required to create a pipeline to generate NIFTI files from DICOM

Relevant Documentation:

Pipeline Engine

Additional Material:

Presentation: XnatWorkshop2010_Pipeline.pdf
Summary: XNAT2010_Handout_Pipeline.pdf 

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