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Container service scrum board

Existing scrum board (Closed during issue migration from Pipeline project to Container Service project)

Remaining items:

  • Rick
    • Resource service  XNAT-4548 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • XML service  XNAT-4556 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Matt:
    • Monitoring and managing container status: running, failed, logging.
    • History and auditing.
    • About 1/2 way through, 2/3 done, none tested.
  • Flavin:
    • There are JIRA issues in the pipeline container service project. 
    • Handling container output (waiting on Rick's XNAT tickets)
      • Resources  CS-20 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • XML, especially assessors  CS-29 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • Scans (probably not in the beta)  CS-8 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Created FreeSurfer command for practical testing of container services command resolver. Output of this isn't tested yet (see above).
    • Migrating modules to plugins so that we have data types, UI, etc.  CS-35 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Functional and integration testing is an open issue.

Beta program for container services: recruit users to adapt pipeline or processing tasks to use containers.

Requirements for Beta:

  • Figure out path forward for existing pipelines. Convert each to a container, or wrap them all inside a container
    • Migrate XML pipeline descriptors to container services commands: this may not even require "migrating" the descriptor, if we can feed the descriptor to a translator that turns into a command. Maybe automated, maybe not.
    • OR Write a guide that tells XNAT admins how to
      • create a docker image that contains their pipeline engine + deployed pipelines + dependencies, and 
      • Write commands for each pipeline

Future tasks:

  • No UI components for container services beta, just REST API. We can get UI designs from Will and contract out to UAR for implementation.
  • Custom Docker container build so that users can build containers with, e.g., XNAT pipeline engine, Freesurfer, and custom pipeline descriptor.
  • Provenance. Flywheel Exchange: worth discussing between Gunnar at Flywheel, Bennett Landman, Dan, container services.


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