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Previous scrum notes

In last scrum we discussed not having a UI for container service functionality. It sounds like Dan wants to have UI, so we may need to re-visit this:

  • We have existing wireframes, but they're a bit old. They may need to be revised and definitely need to be extended.
  • John Flavin and Will Horton will work together to define all UI tasks:
    • What wireframes do we have that are fine?
    • What wireframes do we have that need to be revised?
    • What wireframes do we not have?
  • Generate JIRA issues, specifications, and documentation for UI tasks.
  • Need the resource service and XML import service from Rick Herrick.
  • Blocked by xdat bug that breaks assigned roles. May email Tim Olsen and Jenny Gurney. But export to OVA and re-build Vagrant box.
  • John Flavin created a configuration that pulls in 3rd-party jars that aren't already in XNAT, but doesn't re-include jars in XNAT.

Matt has no real change on status. Hasn't started restart controller. Need to define all tasks required to hit end of sprint 1.


Beta features:

  • Do we need UI for beta or is REST control enough?
  • Need to define goals for beta test.

Action Items

  • Matt Kelsey define tasks for finishing up API development on container status, history, and logging. Pull those into sprint 1.
  • Start knocking those out.



  • Start sprint.
  • Email Dan about recruiting beta participants and features.
  • Finish resource and XML import services.