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Container service progress review meeting with Dan.


Development Progress Review

Progress is indeed being made. 

  • Flavin wants to refactor the structure of command definitions to make them more portable, by lumping all the XNAT-specific stuff into a discrete chunk of JSON. Other applications could ignore it. 
  • How do we want to support command versioning? Dan definitely wants it. 
    • Option 1: Natively support versioning inside XNAT, similar to Protocols. 
    • Option 2: Use an external, already-developed version control system for distributing commands (aka GitHub) and have sites / projects "slurp them up." 
  • What version of "Events" are we dependent on? 
    • ???
    • ?????
    • ????????????
  • Workflows! 
    • Ugh
    • Groan
    • *eye roll*

UI Progress Review

Reviewed these wireframes: 


  • Add support for other types of container servers besides Docker. Aka Singularity. (This will be a short list.)
  • Add support for filtering on scan types, session attributes, etc in a project-specific command configuration. 


Open Questions: 

  • Should Container Service site admin settings be in their own page? Or should they be bundled in with Site Admin stuff?
    Will: They could probably be bundled in, but this may depend on how a plugin is able to add to the site admin UI. We think the standard practice will be to give each plugin its own page, or perhaps its own section of "Plugin Settings." 
  • Will site admins need to spend much (or any) time administering an image once it is imported? 
  • Should the majority of the Site Admin panel be devoted to administering commands? Yes, probably.  
  • There are two elements of sharing a command between projects: the command and the project-specific command configuration. Will we have a mechanism for sharing both easily? 


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