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XNAT Marketplace provides many helpful ways to help you find XNAT plugins and tools. These are grouped into Searching and Browsing XNAT Marketplace.

Searching XNAT Marketplace

XNAT Marketplace provides a convenient search box which can be found in the upper right corner of the site. Results are grouped by plugins and tools via a tabbed interface.  You may sort your results by date uploaded and plugin name. In addition, results can be filtered by sub-category and by "nrg approved" plugins and tools. The search results provide a link to the Add-on's main page, helpful details, and even a download link.

Browsing XNAT Marketplace

The user interface provides several features to help you browse the marketplace. The home page shows an animated carousel of recently uploaded tools and plugins followed by lists of Featured Tools and Plugins. In addition, links are available to browse by category, sub-category and even package. Clicking on any Add-On will take you directly to the Add-On's details page.

Add-On Details Page

Clicking on any Add-On will take you to the Details page. This is where you can learn more about each tool or plug-in. It includes all details about the add-on, including screenshots, documentation, and the ability to leave comments (if logged in.) Of course, if you have any general questions, you can always check the FAQ for answers.

FAQ Page

XNAT Marketplace's FAQ page is accessible via the FAQ link in the site's upper right header. This is where you can find answers to common questions such as "What is the difference between a Module and a Plugin" and "Who can create and submit add-ons?" Of course, if you have any questions that aren't answered there, you can always ask via the "Contact Us" page.

Contact Us Page

We'd love to hear from you, and you can query us via the Contact Us page. The link can be found in the site's upper right header next to the FAQ link.

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