As you may have noticed, we have been migrating our XNAT Documentation over to Confluence over the past month, which is giving us a lot of flexibility. For example, we can use Confluence "spaces" like XNAT Admins use Projects, to manage permissions and invite collaboration from multiple sets of users. 

However, there is also a learning curve and a lot of new quirks to get used to. One of them - the means of changing your password isn't readily apparent. (You'd think there would be a handy link right in the "Profile" section, wouldn't you?) So for anyone who has been wanting to do this, here is the link you should use:

Clicking this link takes you to a form that allows you to set a new password for yourself. You'll face one more bit of user confusion first, though: 

The "Reset" button doesn't reset the form, as in most HTML form conventions ... it's the command you have to click to Submit your password-reset function. (It's also in the wrong place... Submit buttons should be placed on the right, not the left.) 

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  1. It'd be nice if it was more unambiguously labeled, too: "Reset" (the form) or "Reset Password" (reset your password).