While the computing world is all about wireless this and tablet that, old man ethernet is steadily getting pushed out of the spotlight. "Well, that's fine," says Mr. Cat5. "Let the new kids have their fun, but people know when heavy lifting is required, they'll have to drag me out and plug me in."

That's certainly the case at the XNAT Workshop. If you plan on relying on strong internet access, a handy ethernet cable will attach you to Wash U's fast, strong internet backbone. (See: Speedtest.net results.) Moreover, Connor Auditorium thoughtfully places plenty of power/network ports directly into your tabletop surface.

Meanwhile, there are public wireless accounts available, but they are spotty at best, and will time you out after two hours of activity. 

Most activities in the workshop will be run off the XNAT 1.6 VM, which we recommend that you run locally. However, it's nice to know that old man ethernet is still as strong as ever, should you need him.


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