Day 2 Session 1 Configuration and Customization


The primary user account on the virtual machine is xnat. The password for all users on the virtual machine is xnat2012.

The NIH Stroke Scale is now available on the XNAT Marketplace:

The file is located on the virtual machine in the folder /opt/xnat/xnat_builder_1_6/

The module repository is located on the virtual machine in the folder /opt/xnat/modules.

Sample module code is available in the folders egomaster and egomaster-3.5 under the folder /opt/xnat/workshop2012/d2s1-configandcustomization.

Maven is available on the virtual machine, but also from the Apache Maven site.

To build a module:

cd /opt/xnat/module-code
mvn clean package
cp target/module-name.jar /opt/xnat/modules

For example, to build the egomaster module:

cd /opt/xnat/workshop2012/d2s1-configandcustomization/egomaster
mvn clean package
cp target/workshop2012-d2s1_egomaster-3.7.jar /opt/xnat/modules

Once you've built a module, update XNAT with the following steps:

sudo service tomcat6 stop
pushd /opt/xnat/xnat_builder_1_6
bin/ -Ddeploy=true
cd deployments/xnat
psql -U xnat -d xnat -f sql/xnat-update.sql
sudo service tomcat6 start

These steps are wrapped up in a script named located in the xnat user's home bin folder.

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