If we're going to all the trouble of putting data into XNAT, we should be able to do something with it. We could write a new statistics engine, but that would be dumb. This topic is more or less closely connected to visualization so the two groups will at least start in the same place and time.


  • 1 pm Thursday, room 213AB


  • Kevin (co-lead)
  • Will (co-lead)
  • Christian
  • Hauke


  • R as an XNAT client (done) (a little bit)
  • R as an XNAT service (question)


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  1. It might be worth bundling this group in with the data visualization group. 

  2. I just got an email digest and saw this in the list.  It reminded me of something Dan said in his presentation about the future of XNAT.  We've actually been in touch with the folks at Sage Bionetworks on their Synapse project (which had the R functionality he showed).  Supposedly they are going to implement support for image databases in addition to the genetics repositories.  Even if you want to add your own R capabilities in XNAT it may make sense to collaborate with them to make sure Synapse can "consume" XNAT deployments in a way that they show up in the data registry they're compiling.  I could probably make introductions to some relevant people if you're interested.

  3. Justin,

    An introduction and follow up discussion would be great.  Christian showed off some very basic XNAT integration with Sage that he did last week.  Looks like it might be pretty straightforward to get it working in earnest.  So it’d be good to see what their current thinking is on image repositories.