To review some of the important configuration points in XNAT regarding projects, their structure, and their options.  This will include delving into different project organizing schemes, deidentification strategies, custom variables, visits, protocols and validation.


How to organize your data into projects for different types of studies and environments

How to create and configure your project



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1: Create the umbrella project

Project Title: BOGUS
Project Running Title: BOGUS
Project Abbreviation/ID:  BOGUS
Project Description: This is the container project for all BOGUS related research.
Keywords: SUPEREGO  psychoneurobabble

2. Add Users to umbrella project
  • Create 2 user accounts
    • via admin Add User feature
  • Add users to umbrella project
    • Add one via the project report page (Access tab)
    • Add one via the admin user page
3. Share site subjects and experiments into umbrella project
  • Manually share a subject and experiment into the umbrella project
4. Create a custom variable for project BOGUS_OUA
  • Create custom variable named blood_type for the ‘Subjects’ data-type in the BOGUS_OUA project.
  • Manually add a blood_type value to a sample subject in the BOGUS_OUA using the subject edit page.
  • Review subject report and subjects listing on the project report
5. Register anonymization script for the projects

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