This Confluence wiki space exists to display XNAT API and API for XNAT plugins in an interactive way. It also contains simple tutorials on using the XNAT API to communicate with your XNAT and perform many operations.


This table contains a directory of API that can be found in Core XNAT.

/xapi vs /data vs /data/archive vs /REST

In legacy XNAT REST APIs, the following prefixes can be used interchangeably:

  • /REST
  • /data
  • /data/archive

These prefixes are not interchangeable with Swagger-enabled XAPI rest paths. These can only use:

  • /xapi

XNAT Administration

Site Administration

Site-wide Configuration API/xapi/siteConfig
Preference Service API/xapi/prefs
Data Type Schema API


Legacy XNAT Site Configuration API/data/config

System Administration

User Administration

User Management API/xapi/users
User Management API (Deprecated)/data/users
User Resources API/data/user/cache/resources
Project User Access API/data/projects/ID/users
Project Access Request API/data/pars
Data Access API/xapi/access

User Authentication Services

User Session Management API/data/JSESSION
User Auth Service API/data/services/auth
User Alias Token API/data/services/tokens

XNAT Event Service Administration

Event Service API



Event Tracking Data API/xapi/event_tracking

XNAT Plugin Administration

Plugin API/xapi/plugins
Plugin Open URL Authorization API/xapi/pluginOpenUrls

UI configuration:

UI Element Spawner API/xapi/spawner
UI Theme API (beta)/xapi/theme

DICOM Connections:

Other Services:

File Mover Service API/data/services/move-files
Mail Send API/data/services/mail/send
Audit Service API/data/services/audit
Catalog Refresh API/data/services/refresh/catalog
Email Verification API/data/services/sendEmailVerification
Features API/data/services/features

XNAT Data Management API

Working With Projects

Project API/data/projects
Project Attributes API


Project Investigators API/xapi/investigators
Project User Access API/data/projects/{ID}/users
Project Access Request API/data/pars
Project Configuration API/data/projects/{ID}/config
Project Pipeline Management API/data/projects/{ID}/pipelines

Working with Subjects, Image Sessions and other Subject Assessors

Subject API


Experiment API
("Subject Assessors" API)
Experiment Quarantine API/data/.../experiments/status
Image Session Scans API/data/.../experiments/{ID}/scans
Image Assessor API/data/.../experiments/{ID}/assessors
Data Sharing API/data/projects/{ID}/.../projects
Scan Snapshot Generation API/xapi/snapshot-generation-api

Storing And Retrieving Resource Files

Project Resources and Files API


Subject Resource API


Experiment Resource API/data/.../experiments/{ID}/resources
Image Scan Resource API/data/.../experiments/{ID}/scans/{ID}/resources
Image Assessor Resource API/data/.../assessors/{ID}/{IN | OUT}/resources
Resource Quarantine API/data/services/triage

Using and Managing the Archive & Prearchive

Image Session Import Service API/data/services/import
Image Session Archive Service API/data/services/archive
Prearchive API/data/services/prearchive
Image Session Upload Status API/data/status
DICOM Dump Service API/data/services/dicomdump
Archive Processor API/xapi/processors
Custom DICOM Mapping API/xapi/dicom_mappings


XNAT Search API/data/search
Stored Search API/data/search/stored

XNAT Data Processing

XNAT Pipeline API/xapi/pipelines
XNAT Project Pipeline API (Deprecated)/data/projects/{ID}/pipelines
XNAT Workflow API/data/workflows

Related: Container Service API

XNAT Automation API

Event Handler API (beta)/xapi/eventHandler
XNAT Automation Service API (beta)/xapi/automation

Deprecated API

These API are from legacy XNAT versions and have been replaced.

Site Administration

  • XNAT Site Configuration API - /REST/config
  • XNAT Site Settings API - /REST/services/settings
  • XNAT Log Reporting API - /REST/services/logging
  • XNAT Version - /REST/version
  • Search Fields - /REST/search/fields

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