This service API is closely tied to XNAT workflow management. It is a GET-only service used for logging and reporting. For more on creating and managing workflow entries, see:

Get An Audit Report On An XNAT Data Object

GET - /data/services/audit/{xsiType}/{xnat_object_id}


{xsiType}Required path parameter. Use a valid XNAT datatype (xsiType) entry, such as xdat:user or xnat:mrSessionData

Required path parameter. Supply a valid ID for the XNAT data object in question. For example, to view changes to a user's permission, you would supply "xdat:user" as the xsiType and the numerical user ID for the ID.

Audit queries conform to the XNAT security model. For example, any user with project access can perform an audit query on data in that project, but only site administrators can perform queries on user objects. 


  "events": [
      "event_action": "String",
      "event_id": Integer,
      "event_type": "String",
      "event_date": timestamp,
      "changesets": [
      "event_user": "string",
      "event_category": "string",
      "event_status": "string"

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