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In order to successfully add a pipeline to your project, the pipeline must be installed in your XNAT Pipeline Engine. See Installing Pipelines in XNAT for details.

Get A Listing Of Pipelines In Your Project

GET - /data/projects/{project-id}/pipelines


{project-id}Required path parameter

Optional querystring parameter. Specifies the format of the output.

  • json (default)
  • xml


  "ResultSet": {
    "Result": [
        "Path": "\/data\/xnat\/pipeline\/catalog\/mricron\/DicomToNifti.xml",
        "Generates": "",
        "Description": "Pipeline creates NIFTI files from DICOM files.",
        "Applies To": "All Datatypes",
        "Name": "DicomToNifti",
        "Datatype": "All Datatypes"

Get Details Of A Pipeline Execution Workflow Step

GET - /data/projects/{project-id}/pipelines/{step-id}/experiments/{experiment-id}


{project-id}Required path parameter
{step-id}Required path parameter. Specify the ID of the pipeline step as defined in the Pipeline XML.
{project-id}Required path parameter. Specify the Accession ID of the root experiment that the pipeline was launched on.



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