Create A New User Session

This call allows for manual management of HTTP sessions within XNAT. This is particularly useful when you want to re-use the same session across multiple curl or XNATDataClient calls.


Parameters: Enter user credentials via calling mechanism, i.e:

$ curl -u username:password -X POST https://yourxnatdomain/data/JSESSION

Response: A new JSESSION ID string, for example:


You can then use this JSESSION ID in a cookie in lieu of user credentials to authenticate subsequent calls, e.g.:

curl --cookie JSESSIONID=3940FAAC4CB8DD368A9A1575372ECBBA -X GET

The JSESSION ID can expire, or can be manually forced to expire by site administrators. Session expiration will invalidate any future operations attempting to use this cookie.

Get ID Of Current User Session

Returns the JSESSION ID for the currently logged in user.


Parameters: None

Response: A JSESSION ID string

Invalidate The Current User Session

This is a way of manually logging off and preventing your cookie from being used once you have completed your operation. If you run this in the browser, all your current login sessions will immediately expire.


Parameters: None

Response: None

A site administrator can end all active user sessions for a different user in the Administer > Users panel, or by posting a DELETE call to /xapi/users/active/{username}. See User Management API

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