This table contains a directory of API that can be found in Core XNAT.

/xapi vs /data vs /data/archive vs /REST

In legacy XNAT REST APIs, the following prefixes can be used interchangeably:

  • /REST
  • /data
  • /data/archive

These prefixes are not interchangeable with Swagger-enabled XAPI rest paths. These can only use:

  • /xapi

XNAT Administration

Site Administration

Site-wide Configuration API/xapi/siteConfig
Preference Service API/xapi/prefs
Data Type Schema API


Legacy XNAT Site Configuration API/data/config

System Administration

User Administration

User Management API/xapi/users
User Management API (Deprecated)/data/users
User Resources API/data/user/cache/resources
Project User Access API/data/projects/ID/users
Project Access Request API/data/pars
Data Access API/xapi/access

User Authentication Services

User Session Management API/data/JSESSION
User Auth Service API/data/services/auth
User Alias Token API/data/services/tokens

XNAT Event Service Administration

Event Service API



Event Tracking Data API/xapi/event_tracking

XNAT Plugin Administration

Plugin API/xapi/plugins
Plugin Open URL Authorization API/xapi/pluginOpenUrls

UI configuration:

UI Element Spawner API/xapi/spawner
UI Theme API (beta)/xapi/theme

DICOM Connections:

Other Services:

File Mover Service API/data/services/move-files
Mail Send API/data/services/mail/send
Audit Service API/data/services/audit
Catalog Refresh API/data/services/refresh/catalog
Email Verification API/data/services/sendEmailVerification
Features API/data/services/features

XNAT Data Management API

Working With Projects

Project API/data/projects
Project Attributes API


Project Investigators API/xapi/investigators
Project User Access API/data/projects/{ID}/users
Project Access Request API/data/pars
Project Configuration API/data/projects/{ID}/config
Project Pipeline Management API/data/projects/{ID}/pipelines

Working with Subjects, Image Sessions and other Subject Assessors

Subject API


Experiment API
("Subject Assessors" API)
Experiment Quarantine API/data/.../experiments/status
Image Session Scans API/data/.../experiments/{ID}/scans
Image Assessor API/data/.../experiments/{ID}/assessors
Data Sharing API/data/projects/{ID}/.../projects
Scan Snapshot Generation API/xapi/snapshot-generation-api

Storing And Retrieving Resource Files

Project Resources and Files API


Subject Resource API


Experiment Resource API/data/.../experiments/{ID}/resources
Image Scan Resource API/data/.../experiments/{ID}/scans/{ID}/resources
Image Assessor Resource API/data/.../assessors/{ID}/{IN | OUT}/resources
Resource Quarantine API/data/services/triage

Using and Managing the Archive & Prearchive

Image Session Import Service API/data/services/import
Image Session Archive Service API/data/services/archive
Prearchive API/data/services/prearchive
Image Session Upload Status API/data/status
DICOM Dump Service API/data/services/dicomdump
Archive Processor API/xapi/processors
Custom DICOM Mapping API/xapi/dicom_mappings


XNAT Search API/data/search
Stored Search API/data/search/stored

XNAT Data Processing

XNAT Pipeline API/xapi/pipelines
XNAT Project Pipeline API (Deprecated)/data/projects/{ID}/pipelines
XNAT Workflow API/data/workflows

Related: Container Service API

XNAT Automation API

Event Handler API (beta)/xapi/eventHandler
XNAT Automation Service API (beta)/xapi/automation

Deprecated API

These API are from legacy XNAT versions and have been replaced.

Site Administration

  • XNAT Site Configuration API - /REST/config
  • XNAT Site Settings API - /REST/services/settings
  • XNAT Log Reporting API - /REST/services/logging
  • XNAT Version - /REST/version
  • Search Fields - /REST/search/fields
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