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  • 2: XNAT Configuration Basics
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Tips for first time installers

There are more options for configuring XNAT 1.6.5 than there have been in any previous version. Here is a quick guide to a few common configuration use cases.

Need to connect XNAT to a DICOM Scanner? 

  • This is one of the most complex setup procedures in XNAT. Follow this documentation for configuring a DICOM C-STORE Receiver to enable your XNAT to receive scans from a networked scanner. 

Want to manage users via an external LDAP server? 

  • This documentation will show you how to open your file and add a configuration for an LDAP server. You will find that you can also tailor many security features in this configuration file. 

Need to add new data types? 


Questions? We know you've got them.

First-time XNAT downloaders can schedule a free 30-minute consultation with one of our system architects. Email us at to learn more. 

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