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  • REST API Scan Files and Resources Reference Issue
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When a REST request is made for a scan's list of files or resources as in the example below:

Sample REST Request

if the scan type is used in place of the SCAN_ID, all of the files and resources for scans with the specified scan type are listed.

This issue was found when resolving issue XNAT-3018. In this case session was being uploaded used the compressed uploader, but the snapshots were not being generated correctly. One of the DICOM had the same series description and series number. The series description is used for the scan type and the series number is used for the scan ID. When the AutoRun pipeline attempts to generate the snapshots, it makes a REST call for a scan's resources (similar to above) that generates the SNAPSHOTS directory on the file system. In this process


There are three options for solving this, two of which would require a substantial amount of work and testing as to not break existing code and tools. The third requiring nothing more than following a naming convention for scan types and IDs.

  1. Fix the REST call so that scan types aren't queried when requesting files and resources for a specific scan.
  2. Change the way PlexiViewer generates the SNAPSHOTS directory and uploads snapshot files.
  3. Don't use an ID for a scan that's the same as a scan type. 

JIRA Issue XNAT-3018