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  • Searching for sessions by scan attributes
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XNAT stores DICOM scans using a data type that is different from many of the primary XNAT data types. You can't search directly on scan-level attributes because of security issues related to the image scan data type. This procedure provides a way to implement searches on scan-level attributes for administrators and particular users.

Step-by-step guide

Searching by scan-level attributes requires creating a custom search bundle, which is an XML description of the search. Creating this search bundle requires administrative access.

  1. Log into XNAT as a site administrator.
  2. Create a search that comes close to the search you eventually want, but without the scan-level attributes:
  3. Save the XML for your search:
  4. Now go to Administer->More... then click on Bundles in the top bar.
  5. Find the search that you just saved by the search description and click the corresponding link to take you into the Bundle Details page.
  6. Click Download XML. This will save the XML description for your search locally.
  7. Open the downloaded XML in an editor (preferably an editor that understands and can help format and validate the XML).

To be completed...