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This set of short articles also functions as a set of emails sent out to new downloaders of XNAT. 

1: Tips for first-time installers

Thank you for downloading XNAT, the most widely-used informatics platform for imaging research. With the release of XNAT 1.6.5, we have made the UI for setting up and administering XNAT easier than before. Here are some tips for installing and upgrading XNAT. 

2: XNAT Configuration Basics

There are more options for configuring XNAT 1.6.5 than there have been in any previous version. Here is a quick guide to a few common configuration use cases.

3: Adding on to XNAT: Modules, Pipelines, and the XNAT Marketplace

Need to add functionality to your XNAT? There are plenty of pre-built customizations available through the XNAT Marketplace. Here is a quick overview of what you can find there. 

4: Customizing XNAT: Use Cases Scripting and Automation

XNAT was designed and built from the ground up for flexibility and extensibility. This means that you have incredible control at your fingertips to customize XNAT for your needs. However, knowing how to get started can be difficult. Here are a few tips.

5: First Week Check-in

Hopefully you have found the experience of setting up XNAT and customizing it to your needs to be satisfying and relatively painless. However, the first week with XNAT is only the beginning. In our experience, the more you and your users adopt XNAT, the more you will uncover new use cases and new needs for customizations. 


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