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Conversion process notes: 

  • I used the "Copy Space" plugin to duplicate the XNAT 1.5 Docs into a temporary space called temp16, to avoid mucking about with the "good" docs in the 1.5 space. 
  • I created an XML archive of the temp16 space, following this process: https://confluence.atlassian.com/display/CONF42/Exporting+Confluence+Pages+and+Spaces+to+XML
    • (I downloaded an export of the "WaterCooler" site for comparison's sake as well.)
  • The export aggregates every page of the site into a single XML document, which I then opened in Dreamweaver to perform text edits. 
    • Edited all link URLs that had display/XNAT/ in the URL to display/XNAT16/ to prepare them for the new site.
    • Edited all instances of CDATA[XNAT], which is used in <property> tags, to CDATA[XNAT16]
    • Edited all instances of ri:space-key="XNAT", which is some sort of alternate way of specifying a link's spacekey, to ri:space-key="XNAT16"
  • Saved the XML and re-zipped the package. 
  • Deleted the "temp16" space, so I could "restore" it with the updated values, using this process: https://confluence.atlassian.com/display/CONF42/Restoring+a+Space

After three tries, I believe I have finally gotten it right, where all content in the 1.6 Docs that is meant to link internally is now actually doing so. But as you're editing docs, be on the lookout for content that links to anything in the "XNAT" spacekey. 


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