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  • Configuring Visits and Protocols

This documentation is for XNAT versions 1.6.0 - 1.6.5. You can find the latest documentation for XNAT 1.7 at https://xnat.org/documentation

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There is no documentation, which there really should be. And there really should a GUI tool for managing those, but there’s not one of those either.


You can find the currently configured IPs on the whitelist by calling:


GET http://xnat-dev02.nrg.mir/data/services/ipwhitelist


Which gives:



You can PUT to the same REST address to change the whitelisted IPs:


PUT http://xnat-dev02.nrg.mir/data/services/ipwhitelist




And that adds my IP to the IP whitelist.


The payload of IPs on the PUT can be separated by whitespace and/or commas.

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