Browsing data types is an alternative method to searching XNAT or performing an advanced search for finding groups of data and building dynamic reports in XNAT. In a standard XNAT deployment, users can browse data types in one of two major ways.

Method 1: Browse data within a project 

By default, the Project Page in XNAT contains a browsable data table. Normally, this will start with a table providing a summary of the Subject data type, filtered by the parent project. Additional tabbed menus offer the ability to open up a new data table in a tabbed window, showing a summary of other available data types for this project.

Each data table will open with a standard set of columns listed. You can customize which columns are listed, and in which order, by clicking on Options and selecting Edit Columns.

Method 2: Browse data across all projects 

By contrast, going go the top navigation and selecting BrowseData as shown above will bring up a listing of every data type that has data in your XNAT.

By default, a subject's primary project is not displayed. This may not have been the best UI decision, but it is easily remedied by selecting Options > Edit Columns in the upper left menu.

See: Saving a Data Table as a Stored Search