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This describes how to migrate your configuration(s) to work with XNAT 1.7.0 from versions of XNAT prior to 1.7.

If at all possible, you should actually update your XNAT installation to the latest release of XNAT rather than staying on version 1.7.0. This is only intended for situations where you can't upgrade your XNAT installation for some reason.

To configure LDAP providers in XNAT 1.7.0:

  1. Copy the properties for your LDAP provider from the file in your existing XNAT installation.
  2. Create a new file named and add the LDAP provider properties to it.
  3. Move your properties file to a path that starts with META-INF/xnat/auth (i.e. you can add your properties file to that folder or place it in a subfolder).
  4. Create a jar file with your properties file:

    $ jar cf my-ldap-credentials.jar META-INF/xnat/auth/
  5. Restart Tomcat for your provider configuration to get picked up.

Preserving local accounts

By default, users can log into XNAT only using credentials that are stored in a local database. However, if you specify any authentication providers, XNAT will no longer assume that you want the local database provider.

If you want both LDAP and database logins to be options for your users, you will need to create a properties file for the database provider (in addition to creating a properties file for the LDAP one). Fortunately, the database properties file is very simple.

Create a new file called and copy the following code into it:


Once you save this file, you can add it to your XNAT as a config or as a plugin, as specified above. 

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