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Creates a generic panel container element. This element is a container that other Spawner elements are spawned into.

Spawner Widget Name

kind: panel

JavaScript Method


Configuration Options

    kind: panel
    [name]: customPanel
    label: Admin Information
    [id]: custom-panel
    [header]: false
    [footer]: false


kindpanelSpawner widget type - creates a panel element with necessary child elements for proper style and layout.
name(string)Arbitrary, but meaningful, name for this form panel. Will use the element config's own property name if omitted.
label(string)Form header text.
id(string)Value for spawned element's id attribute.
header(boolean)Set to false to suppress rendering of the panel header
footer(boolean)Set to false to suppress rendering of the panel footer (including submit and reset buttons on form panels).
contentsSpawner object(s)One or more Spawner element config objects that will be inside this parent element.
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