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Creates a single Spawner tab.

Spawner Widget Name

kind: tab

JavaScript Method

Configuration Options

    kind: tab
    name: clickyTab
    label: Clicky Tab
    [group]: tabGroup1
    [active]: true
        (Spawner objects)


kindtabSpawner widget type - creates a single tab widget.
name(string)Arbitrary, but descriptive, name for this tab.
label(string)Text that displays on the tab flipper.
group(string)If there are tab groups, which one does this tab belong in?
active(boolean)Is this tab active by default? If more than one tab has active: true for some reason, the last active tab will be the one displayed.
contents(Spawner objects)Spawner config objects for elements that will display inside the tab's content pane.

HTML Output Example

<div class="content-tabs xnat-tab-container">
    <div class="xnat-nav-tabs side pull-left">
        <ul class="nav tab-group" id="xnat-setup">
            <li class="label">XNAT Setup</li>
            <li class="tab active" data-tab="email-server">
                <a title="Email Server" href="#email-server">Email Server</a>
    <div class="xnat-tab-content side pull-right">
        <div class="tab-pane active" data-name="emailServer" data-tab="email-server">
            <!-- contents for a single tab pane -->
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