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A number of command line tools have been developed to store and retrieve data from XNAT archives.

  • ArcGet: retrieves image data.
  • ArcRead: retrieves summary text documents describing imaging data.
  • ArcSim: retrieves a list of imaging sessions with similar IDs.
  • StoreXML: writes XML documents to the archive.


Typical usage of the tools looks something like this:

ArcGet -host -u user -p password -s session1 -s session2


This command would retrieve all of the imaging data for two imaging sessions stored in the archive. For detailed usage for each command, type the name of the command followed by '-h'. The command line programs follow the same security policies as the website.

Default login information can be stored in a '.xnatPass' file placed in the user's home directory. The .xnatPass file essentially removes the need to supply the '-u', '-p', and '-host' arguments at the command line. A sample .xnatPass file that connects to the OASIS project XNAT host is included in the download package. The format for .xnatPass is as follows (where the plus sign indicates the default host):

Download XNAT Client Tools via BinTray



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