Viewing Image Files

XNAT comes bundled with a Java applet that allows users to view images from an MR Session in the browser window. Here is a step-by-step process for getting this to work:

  1. From within a project, go to the subject and open the session
  2. Go to the Actions box, select View - View Images
  3. BE SURE to click "NO" on the Warning - Security box that inevitably comes up when a Java applet is launched. Accidentally clicking "Yes" here (as you might if you think "Yes, I want to run this applet") may prevent the applet from running correctly in the future, at least until you have cleared your browser cache. 

  4. A selection window will pop up when the applet successfully launches. From within the selection window:
    1. Under Type: select the type of file you wish to view
    2. Under Image: pick the exact image you wish to view
    3. Click GO

  5. The Image viewer will open as shown below. You can use the slider to navigate from frame to frame of your image session. 
  6. To make the image larger, type "2" on your keyboard for 2 times bigger, "3" for three times, "4" for four times

At the very bottom of this window, move the slider to the left and right to see the image movement