Using Stored Searches

After generating a data table via a search (either a standard search, data type report, or an advanced search), you'll usually filter and modify that data set until you get the structure and parameters that you want. XNAT lets you save those search parameters so that at any point in the future, you can dynamically reload that data table using freshly populated data. This is called a stored search.

Creating A Stored Search

  1. Search for some data using one of the data table search functions.
  2. Click the Options drop-down near the top right of the data table interface.
  3. Select Save Search
  4. In the Save Search window, enter a search name in the Brief Description field.
  5. Enter a description in the Full Description field:
  6. Click the Submit button.
The search is now available under Stored Searches in the navigation pane on the left of the window. 

Creating Site-wide Stored Searches

XNAT Site Administrators can create site-wide stored searches, otherwise known as bundles. See Sharing Stored Searches in the Administrator documentation for more details.