To ensure that PHI is not included and as a method to standardize DICOM header values XNAT now includes different methods to anonymize your data. Currently for 1.6x there are two different methods for handling anonymization: site wide anonymization and project specific anonymization. In XNAT 1.5x applied anonymization when data was uploaded via the Upload Applet. In XNAT 1.6x, anonymization is applied to:

  1. Upload Applet
  2. Compressed (zip) uploads
  3. Gradual DICOM Imports (C-STORE)

Site Wide anonymization is used for general anonymization, while Project Specific anonymization is used in cases where specific anonymization is required and/or value standardization is required. Site Wide anonymization is applied when data is received or archived. Project Specific anonymization is applied when data is archived, moved or renamed.

With anonymization you can:

  1. clear specific headers
  2. change values in specified headers
  3. clear private tags
  4. set values bases on inputs (project, subject, session, visit)

A few notable things are that old versions of anonymization scripts don't die...they just fade away (as in, there is an audit trail). Also, the DICOM header for deidentification will be updated to show that the anon script was run.

To set up Site Wide anonymization:

  1. Navigate to Administer->Configuration->Anonymization
  2. In the text box there is a default anonymization script that is supplied, you can paste in your own script if you'd like
  3. click SAVE button to initialize custom script

To set up Project Specific anonymization:

  1. From Home screen click a project
  2. Navigate to the Manage tab on the project screen
  3. Enable Project Specific anonymization and paste in anonymization script
  4. click Save button to initialize script
  5. You can also disable this script as needed by choosing the Disable radio button and clicking the SAVE button