Warning: xnatfs is currently experimental. Please verify all data downloaded with xnatfs. If you encounter issues, please contact the xnat_discussion mailing list.

XNATfs is an project by Dan Blezek that exposes XNAT data via webdav, an extension to the HTTP protocol that allows a web server to act as a file server. XNATfs is shipped by default with XNAT, and is available at the /fs/ URL under the XNAT root, e.g. http://central.xnat.org/fs/ 



When connecting to xnatfs, you will be prompted for your username/password. Please use your XNAT credentials.

Mac Instructions:
On the Mac, you can connect through Finder->Go->Connect to Server...

Windows Instructions:
Windows Explorer has a partial WebDav implementation (we have issues connecting over SSL and opening files directly from the share is problematic). Instead we recommend NetDrive, which mounts XNAT as a shared drive.

Linux/Unix Instructions:
Under Linux, the various file managers support WebDAV fairly well. In all cases, the server will prompt you for your username/password. Use your XNAT credentials, which will be forwarded on to the XNAT instance.
From the command line, you can use a tool such as cadaver .

Developer Information

Current Home: http://code.google.com/p/xnatfs/
NRG Mirror: http://bitbucket.org/nrg/xnatfs/

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