Custom User Groups

Project administrators should be able to create new user groups for their projects that fine-tune permissions. 


By default, XNAT generates 3 user groups or all projects; Owners, Members, and Collaborators.  However, these groups assign similar permissions to all registered data types on a server.  In some situations, project administrators want to provide permissions for specific data types and not others.  A common use case is to create a 'MR Only' group where users can read (and possibly create) MR Sessions, but not other data types.  This is a group where technicians could be assigned to this group to manage MR data, but not gain access to sensitive data (Radiology Reads, Manual QCs, genetics info, etc). 

Creating a Custom User Group

Custom user groups are created via the Manage Groups dialog available from the Access tab on the project repot page.  The Manage Groups dialog allows project administrators to view existing groups, create new groups, and modify existing custom groups.  (The default Owner, Member, and Collaborator groups cannot be modified).

To create a custom user group, users click the Create User Group button on the Manage Groups dialog.  The subsequent Create User page allows users to specify a name for the new group, and the specific permissions for the group.

In future versions of XNAT, we expect to support the creation of user group templates.  These templates will allow users to define types of groups that will be reusable on multiple projects (rather than requiring a new group creation for each project).