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Latest News

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XNAT 1.7 Has Been Released

It's been quite a while coming, but it's finally here: XNAT 1.7.0 is available for general download! This release features quite a few improvements to the installation and administration processes, and opens the door for a whole new realm of integrations.

Here's how to get started:

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Thanks For A Successful XNAT Workshop

Attendees got a first look at XNAT 1.7, hands-on experience building and customizing their own XNAT instance, and a preview of new technologies including a Vagrant-enabled build and embedded Docker container services. 

Click Here to enter the dedicated Workshop Wiki.

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XNAT 1.6.5 Lemon Curd Now Available

XNAT 1.6.5 adds a number of enhancements in performance and security and fixes and stabilizes many of the core XNAT services.

XNAT 1.6.4 Released. Code Name: "Red Cabbage"

XNAT 1.6.4, our most extensively tested release to date, has been tagged and released into the wild. Also, we have a fairly-full jar of authentic German red cabbage if anyone wants some. (Cabbage not downloadable.)

XNAT Released!

XNAT 1.6.2 was tagged and released, and then almost immediately updated with a few minor bugfixes. Making this release doubly significant, this is the first XNAT release which coincides with a complete build of CNDA, our largest running XNAT instance. CNDA supports hundreds of investigators and projects, and tens of thousands of image sessions.

See our full release announcement on the Water Cooler.

Fall 2012: 

2012 XNAT Workshop

For all XNAT Workshop Attendees: 2012 Workshop Space

2012 Munich Workshop dates announced. Register now!