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XNAT REST API (An Introduction)


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XNAT 1.6 Release Notes

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Confluence migration notes
I'm setting up separate spaces for XNAT 1.5 docs and XNAT 1.6 docs, similarly to the way that Confluence sets up its own documentation. We're starting with a table of contents as they should be, rather than as they currently are. Therefore, there will be a lot of holes that need filling. 
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Adding a news item to the sidebar is easy. Just select "Add > Blog Post" from the upper right menu. Or click here:
Conversion process notes:  I used the "Copy Space" plugin to duplicate the XNAT 1.5 Docs into a temporary space called temp16, to avoid mucking about with the "good" docs in the 1.5 space.  I created an XML archive of the temp16 space, following this process: https://confluence.atlassian.…
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Step 1: use Firefox, and add the "Pixlr Grabber" plugin.  Step 2: Pixlr Grabber lets you take a snapshot of any portion of a web page - even stuff below the bottom of the screen. Step 3: Take your screenshot, and select "Copy to clipboard" Step 4: Waltz over to Confluence, and simply PASTE that screenshot into your wiki page. Resize as necessary.