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Admin UI - Site Wide Alerts

Email alerts are not always effective at immediately notifying users of system conditions or upcoming events such as an IT maintenance window, as it relies on users to (A) check their email, and (B) remember what that email said in the wake of a dozen other daily priorities that can come up. If you have a high-priority message that all users of your XNAT should see, we recommend creating a site-wide notification. Go to Administer > Site Administration and activate the tab for Site-wide Alerts.


Setting / Property Name


Enable Alert Message


Toggles between three possible settings:

  • "0": Off (default)

  • "1": On, displaying only on the login page

  • "2": On, displaying on login page and site header

Alert Message


Message text. Can be plaintext or HTML.

Alert Type


Toggles between three alert types:

  • "Message": Used for non-urgent informational alerts, such as to notify users of a new feature

  • "Alert": Used for urgent informational alerts, such as to notify users of a scheduled outage

  • "Error": Used to notify users of unexpected errors, such as unscheduled downtime or an outage of a related service, such as pipeline processing

Only one site-wide alert can be set up at one time, and it can be positioned in two different places: On the Login Page, and/or in the top navigation section of each page in the site.

The alert message area can accept simple HTML tags such as <a> or <strong> to allow you to add links or emphasis tags. You can also specify an alert type, which will affect the display of the message and its apparent urgency.

If you use HTML, please close your tags properly or you can introduce some unexpected and ugly behavior in the UI.

Viewing Site-wide Alerts on the Login Page

Viewing Site-wide Alerts in the Site Header

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