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- Common Element Properties

ALL Spawner element configs support the following properties:

    [type: (alias for 'kind')]
    tag: div
    name: fooElementName
        id: foo-id
        className: foo-class
        [...any number of HTML element attributes or properties]
    before: "<p>Text, HTML string or Spawner element object.</p>"
            tag: small.msg
			content: This message is very small.

The tag property conflicts with kind. If using tag to define a freeform Spawner element, DO NOT USE the kind property. Also note that freeform elements can only use these top-level properties: element, contents, before, and after.

You can use either kind or type to define what kind of Spawner element you want rendered - type is just an alias to kind.

If the name property is omitted, the name of the element itself will be used. In the example above, the element would be named 'fooElement' instead of 'fooElementName' if the name property was not defined.

Child properties of the element property are HTML attributes (and properties) that will be applied to the primary spawned element. Since many predefined widgets contain other HTML elements, please refer to the Spawner Element Reference page to look up information about where the element properties are applied.

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