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Editing Custom Forms


Editing a form for which data has already been acquired may lead to data inconsistency. XNAT does not delete any form data  in case a form or a component on the form is deleted. Please exercise caution while editing a form. 

Editing Form Schema

Form schema can be edited by:

  • Site Admin,
  • User with Custom Form Manager role.

Only a Site Admin or a Custom Form Manager can access the form management dashboard.  To edit a form, from the dashboard, click the title link or Edit button in the Action column.

A form can be edited either using the WYSIWYG editor or if you are familiar with the json structure of a form/component, you can edit using the Edit JSON button. 

Editing a form JSON

Clicking Edit JSON allows you to edit the form JSON. The json editor only checks the validity of the json structure, it does not check if the json is valid wrt to the requirements of a form schema. 

The Edit JSON button is a convenient way to import a form JSON from another source. You can just copy and paste the form json in the json editor and save the form. 

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