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Image Upload Processing Steps

The precise sequence of processing steps that occur during image upload depends upon the method of upload, site and project level configuration, and the contents of the scan data. This section provides more detail into individual processing steps and their order.

General Flow

  1. Arrival: Image Objects arrive at XNAT
    1. Scan the raw object (before anonymization) for project/subject/session-identifying metadata.
    2. Apply site-wide anonymization if enabled.
    3. Prearchive status is "Recieving".
  2. Build: Build the Session, manually or automatically after time-delay
    1. Build preliminary session XML.
    2. Build scan catalog XML.
    3. Prearchive status is "Ready".
  3. Edit project/subject/session/session-date
    1. Update session XML, does not effect image objects.
  4. Archive
    1. Store session XML in database.
    2. Apply project anonymization if enabled.
    3. Move image files to archive.

The biggest consequence of this flow is that anonymization does not impact session XML.



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