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Installing the Pipeline Engine

Get the latest Pipeline Engine code: $ git clone

The XNAT pipeline engine is distributed as a code repository that contains the pipeline engine installer. To install the pipeline engine:

  1. Create a folder to contain the pipeline installer, change to that directory, then clone the :

    Extracting XNAT pipeline installer

    $~$ mkdir pipeline
    ~$ cd pipeline/
    ~/pipeline$ git clone 
  2. Create a destination folder for the pipeline engine. The standard XNAT practice is to use /data/project/pipeline. As with other XNAT folders, the pipeline folder must be accessible by the Tomcat user.

    Creating XNAT pipeline installation folder

    ~$ mkdir /data/xnat/pipeline
  3. Run with the administrator email address, SMTP server address, XNAT URL, site name, and destination folder:

    Alternatively, you can save these options in a file named in the pipeline installer folder:

    XNAT pipeline installer


    Now run gradlew from that folder:

    Installing XNAT pipeline with gradlew

    ~$ ./gradlew

    The advantage of the latter approach is that you can reinstall updates to the pipeline engine with one simple command rather than having to re-enter the full syntax again.

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