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Managing Investigators

XNAT provides an interface for managing all the investigators that users have added to projects in your XNAT instance. All investigators that have been added (both PIs and non-PIs) are displayed in Administer-> Site Administration -> Manage Investigators.

Creating a New Investigator

Creating a new investigator is simple. When logged in as a site administrator, go to Administer-> Site Administration -> Manage Investigators and then click Create New Investigator. You should then see the modal below:
At a minimum, you are required to enter an investigator's first name, last name, and email address. If you have other information (their title, institution, department, or phone number), you should enter that as well. After you enter this information and click 'Save', the investigator will be added. If it does not show up immediately in the List of Investigators, you may need to refresh for it to show up.

Editing an Investigator

To edit an existing investigator, simply click the 'View' link to the left of their name in the List of Investigators Table. The edit investigator modal that comes up is identical to the create investigator modal except it has a different heading and comes pre-populated with the saved information for that investigator. Once you make whatever changes you want to make, click 'Submit'. As with creating an investigator, you may need to refresh the page for your changes to show up in the table.

Deleting an Investigator

Deleting an investigator is not currently supported through the Site Administration UI. The easiest way to delete unwanted investigators is to go to Administer-> Site Administration-> Miscellaneous and click the link to 'View the Swagger page'. If you then click on 'investigators-api', you can see the REST calls that are currently supported for interacting with investigators. If you then click 'GET /xapi/investigators' and click 'Try it out!', you will see a list of all the current investigators, including their xnatInvestigatordataId. Once you find the xnatInvestigatordataId of the investigator you want to delete from that list, click on 'DELETE /xapi/investigators/{investigatorId}', enter that investigator's id and click 'Try it out!'. If you then do the GET REST call again, you should no longer see that investigator in the list.

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