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Creates a <textarea> panel element with a label. Double-click to edit contents in a text editor dialog, optionally specifying the language for syntax highlighting.

Spawner Widget Name

kind: panel.textarea

JavaScript Method


Configuration Options

    kind: panel.textarea
    name: fooCode
    label: Session Timeout Message
	value: "<p>Session timed out at TIMEOUT_TIME.</p>"
	[code]: html
	[id]: optional-foo-code-id-attribute
	[rows]: 8
        className: foo bar
    [before]: "Text, HTML, or Spawner object(s) to insert before the element."
            tag: small.msg
            content: "This small message has been brought to you by Spawner."


kindpanel.textareaSpawner widget type - creates a <textarea> element that contains text, optionally specifying a code language for syntax highlighting.
name(string)Name attribute for this input, which must match the property name used for data loading and submission.
label(string)Label for textarea element. Shows to the left of the input.
value(text/html/code)String value for <textarea> contents
code(string)Specify language if this <textarea> contains code or HTML. (also aliased as codeLanguage property)
id(string)Value for spawned element's id attribute.
rows(number)How many lines of text do we want our <textarea> to display?
element(object)Object map of DOM attributes and properties to be directly attached to this table. Any attribute that can be added natively to a DOM element can be used in the element object.
before(string / Spawner object)HTML string or Spawner config object that will be inserted before this <textarea> element.
after(string / Spawner object)HTML string or Spawner config object that will be inserted after this <textarea> element.
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