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RAW k-space Data Collection

This guide is for the installation of the hardware necessary to collect and relay both dicom and raw data at the Prisma scanner

MARS computer RAW disk installation

Install the 2TB SAS disk into the MARS computer:   

Instructions copied from above file provided by E. Auerbach, CMRR, December 2016.

Parts required (est. prices as of November 2016):

  • One large 2.5” SAS HDD or SDD. Any enterprise grade drive with ≥1TB capacity should be suitable. Examples: 
    • 1 TB: Seagate Constellation.2 ST91000640SS ($190)
    • 1 TB: Seagate Enterprise Capacity 2.5 HDD 1TB SAS (ST1000NX0453) ($195)
    • 2 TB: Seagate Enterprise Capacity 2.5 HDD 2TB SAS (ST2000NX0433) ($340) 
  • 4x M3x4mm flat head undercut or flat head 120º screws (e.g. #10382)

Tools required:

  • Screwdriver (Phillips #1)

Installation procedure:

Discuss this with your local service engineer. If a MaRS-related failure occurs, the raw data drive must be removed before the MaRS is returned to Siemens for repair, or it will be lost.

  1. Locate the Advanced Control Cabinet (ACC) in the equipment room.
  2. Open the door on the right.
  3. Locate the Measurement and Reconstruction System (MaRS) inside the ACC.

  4. Locate drive cage on the left side of the MaRS. Depending on the MaRS model, 3-7 HDDs may be present (indicated by blue lights).
    If a HDD is already installed in location #8, or if the MaRS looks significantly different from this photo, STOP.

  5. Remove the empty drive carrier from location #8 by pressing the button and pulling the latch handle.

  6. Install the new raw data disk in the drive carrier and secure with 4 screws as shown.

    NOTE: If the screw heads protrude from the carrier, it will not fit in the drive cage. Standard flat head screws will not fit: the recommended undercut or 120º head screws must be used.   If you do not have any of these screws, extras are packaged in the mini-server.


  7. Insert the raw data drive in the MaRS and close the latch. Within moments the blue light should flash and then remain on steady.

  8. Affix an appropriate label as a reminder in case the MaRS needs to be replaced. (For your convenience, a label has been packaged with the mini-server)

  9. Install software patches on the host.
    1. Extract and copy the above zip file to a USB disk and mount it on the host computers.
    2. Execute INSTALL_RAW_DATA_DISK.exe to install the patches on the MARS computer

Install Data Relay mini-Server

Parts Required:

  • 2 Network patch cords to reach the LAN connection 
    length varies
  • 1 Network patch cord to reach the scanner host computer
    typically 7 to 10 ft 
  • 1 desktop 1 Gb/s network switch
    5 port typical
  • 1 Network patch cord to go between the network switch and host computer
    1 ft typically
  • Standard 120v power source for mini-server and desktop switch

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