XNAT 1.7 API Directory

XNAT Administration

Site Administration

  • XNAT Configuration API - obsolete?
  • XNAT Configuration API (xapi)
  • XNAT Data Type Schema API (xapi)
  • XNAT Plugin API (xapi)
  • XNAT Notifications API (xapi)

UI configuration:

  • XNAT Theme API (xapi)
  • XNAT Spawner API (xapi)

DICOM Connections:

  • DICOM SCP API (xapi) 
  • DICOM Anonymization Settings (xapi)
  • Manage XNAT Scanners - deprecated?

Other Services:

  • XNAT Services API
  • Session Management
  • Visits and Protocols (XNAT 1.6)
  • Visits and Protocols (XNAT 1.7)
  • DICOM Dump Service

User Administration

  • XNAT Users API (xapi)
  • Manage User Resources
  • Manage Project Users
  • Manage Project Access Requests (PAR API)

XNAT Data Management API

Working With Projects

  • Project Setup API
  • Manage Project Attributes
  • Manage Project Resources and Files
  • Manage Project Users
  • Manage Project Investigators (xapi)
  • Project Sharing
  • Project Sync (xapi)

Working with Subjects, Image Sessions and other Subject Assessors

  • Manage Subjects
  • Manage Subject Resources
  • Image Session Import Service
  • Manage Experiments - i.e. Subject Assessors
  • Manage Experiment Resources
  • Prearchive API
  • Manage Session Scans and Reconstructions
  • Manage Processing Resources - i.e. experiment assessors

XNAT Data Processing

  • XNAT Pipeline API
  • Working with XNAT Workflows
  • XNAT Container Services API (coming soon)

XNAT Automation API

  • XNAT Event Handlers (xapi)
  • XNAT Automation Service (xapi)