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XNAT 1.7.3 Release Notes

XNAT 1.7.3 addresses key performance improvements and adds support for new features such as Container Services that will be released as a plugin, and retires the legacy Java browser applets for uploading and downloading images. Related to this, a stand-alone XNAT Uploader desktop application has been released in conjunction with XNAT 1.7.3, and a new ZIP download function has been added to the core XNAT UI.

This release also addresses key bugfixes and adds some UI and feature enhancements, as listed below.

View the full list of JIRA issues addressed and resolved in this release on this public dashboard:

XNAT Upload Assistant

Lengthy testing was done to ensure that the Upload Assistant desktop application is functionally integrated with the core XNAT application. You can download the XNAT Upload Assistant here:

ZIP Downloader

The deprecated image download Java Applet was removed from XNAT and replaced with a ZIP downloader. This downloader takes selected image scans and begins a streaming ZIP download to your desktop.

It is possible to download a ZIP file that is too large for your hard drive to store, or too large for your computer to unzip. Please use this feature judiciously.

Performance and Security Issues

Performance issues when running XNAT 1.7.2 with a large number of projects and users (i.e. in CNDA) prompted a series of issues in this release. More performance and security fixes are planned in XNAT 1.7.4.

Security Fixes

Several small security issues with the 1.7 branch of XNAT have been addressed, including project creation for non-admins and experiment creation for project collaborators.

DICOM Importing and Anonymization

A series of fixes was implemented to ensure full support in XNAT for legacy DicomEdit 4 anonymization scripts and new DicomEdit 6 anon scripts. To take advantage of DE6 script features, users must specify the DicomEdit version in the script itself. Further documentation can be found here: 

Admin UI and User Management

A series of bugfixes and enhancements were placed in the Admin UI, many specifically around user and password management.

Project Access Refactoring

As a precursor to a refactoring of all Project Management Settings, which is slated for XNAT 1.7.5, the Project Access and PAR management functions were refactored.

Top Navigation / Project Browsing

New features were added to the top navigation to aid project browsing on large systems with hundreds of projects, as well as other bugfixes.

Other Fixes

In addition to these changes, a series of general fixes and API support were added to XNAT. You can view the full list of fixes in XNAT 1.7.3 here:

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