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XNAT 1.8.1 Release Notes

XNAT 1.8.1 is a maintenance and bugfix release geared at addressing a few high-priority issues lingering from the 1.8.0 & releases. While all upgrades should be tested against your existing customizations, this release does not introduce major plugin compatibility issues.

Improvements to Image Session Importing and Data Support

Initial Support Added for Importing Microscopy (GM & SM) Sessions

Bare-bones datatypes for General Microscopy (GM) and Slide Microscopy (SM) image sessions have existed in the XNAT data model, but were rarely if ever used. Beginning in XNAT 1.8.1, there is now basic support for importing and archiving DICOM sessions of these types. Future work to flesh out the datatypes and pull relevant attributes from the DICOM will be forthcoming.

Additional Bugfixes in Session Importing

  • Fixed a bug (XNAT-6731) that was introduced in 1.8.0 with regard to analyzing and anonymizing compressed DICOM images
  • Fixed a bug (XNAT-6110) that caused PET-MR sessions that couldn't be assigned to projects in the prearchive to get "lost"
  • Improved support for importing BIDS and other non-DICOM data formats

Improvements in Archive Management

Optimized Data Deletion

By default, XNAT versions 1.8.0 and earlier would maintain a cached backup of deleted files. Starting in XNAT 1.8.1, the default behavior changes to not maintaining these cached backups.

This behavior can be set in Admin UI - File System Settings
  • Changed the default behavior (XNAT-6713) of copying deleted resource files to a cache space before deleting XNAT data objects to optimize file system performance.
  • Fixed a bug (XNAT-6720) related to file organization of cached deleted resources.

Improved Scan Folder Organization

In the relatively rare cases of importing DICOM with repeated series numbers, missing series numbers, mixed-SOP-class-series, the XNAT archive could end up with multiple resource catalogs in a single scan resource folder. This has been remedied.

General UI Improvements

  • Fixed a bug (XNAT-6686) where some resource uploads could not be canceled
  • Fixed a bug (XNAT-6700) with custom variable displays in the UI
  • Improved support (XNAT-6683) for managing users via LDAP authentication

General Backend Improvements

  • Fixed a bug (XNAT-6723) affecting Event Service when deploying on a multi-node XNAT installation
  • Fixed a bug (XNAT-6733) affecting Event Service when handling resource-level events
  • Downgraded a benign logging message (XNAT-6725) that appeared in XNAT 1.8.0.
  • Fixed a security bug related to guest user permissions.
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