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XNAT Release Notes

XNAT is a hotfix release addressing a critical issue that was uncovered while deploying 1.8.10 in a high-throughput Multi-zone Discovery instance. Under very heavy data import (many concurrent threads) loads archiving to multiple projects with different anonymization scripts, we found that anonymization could be improperly applied to a subset of imported data. We have worked very diligently to reproduce this condition in test environments and believe we have it isolated and remedied with this hotfix release. While testing previous XNAT releases (1.8.9 and prior) under the same load conditions, we were unable to reproduce the issue in any way.

We encourage all users of XNAT 1.8.10 to update to XNAT We also encourage users of high-throughput XNAT systems using concurrent multi-threaded archiving operations to multiple projects to validate recent data imports to be sure that your anonymization scripts were applied as intended. 

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