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XNAT 1.8.2 Release Notes

XNAT 1.8.2 is built to run on Apache Tomcat 9 by default, in response to the announced end of life of Tomcat 7 and the lack of a stable Tomcat 8 deployment supporting Java 8 for Debian Linux servers. XNAT 1.8.2 can be easily configured for backwards compatibility with Tomcat 7. See Running XNAT on Tomcat 7.

XNAT 1.8.2 is primarily a maintenance and bugfix release, with the exception of the Tomcat system configuration change listed above. There are no breaking changes in this release that will affect plugin development.

Changes to System Configuration

Previous versions of XNAT shipped with a default configuration supporting Apache Tomcat 7, with the ability to support Tomcat 8 included but commented out. In initial testing, XNAT appeared to run successfully on Tomcat 8, but modification of the XNAT Vagrant project revealed that there was a lack of a stable Tomcat 8 box supporting Linux Debian systems. This proved unresolvable without jumping ahead to Tomcat 9.

Updated documentation:

Backend Service Improvements

  • XNAT-6717 – Prevent duplicate rows from being stuck in Prearchive table
  • XNAT-6730 – Add support for resource management on generic experiments (i.e. experiments that are not subject assessors)
  • XNAT-6758 – Add support for adding Manual QCs to CT image sessions
  • XNAT-6775 – Improve workflow field availability

Admin UI Improvements

Functional Improvements & Bugfixes

  • XNAT-5975 – Some email server configurations were being lost on server restarts
  • XNAT-6760 – Allow developers to customize the Admin UI contents or organization via plugin

Refactoring & Display Improvements

Event Service Improvements

  • XNAT-6755 – Prevent null pointer exceptions in subscriptions without an assigned project
  • XNAT-6519 – Clarify Project Create event in listings

Other UI Improvements

  • XNAT-6792 – Prevent accidental use of "Delete Entire Project" selector
  • XNAT-6779 – Improve search usability in top bar
  • XNAT-6702, XNAT-6732, XNAT-6741 – Multiple minor improvements to the Manage Files UI and error handling
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