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XNAT 1.8.5 Release Notes

The XNAT 1.8.5 Release consists of several updates and bugfixes affecting the front end and back end, primarily focused on DICOM importing and anonymization, Search UI and behavior, and XFT Datatype management. The complete list of issues addressed is below.

Critical Bugfixes

A series of high-priority bugs were addressed in this release:

  • XNAT-7036 : Setting null values in the SiteConfigPreferences object interferes with the siteConfig API and Admin UI rendering
  • XNAT-7086 : Plugins with SQL Init scripts were not supported
  • XNAT-7093 : Post-archive anonymization fails when scans have null-formatted resources
  • XNAT-7094 : Un-sharing subjects fails to un-share any image scan data related to that subject's session data
  • Fixed a security issue related to image viewing

Enable Scheduled Tasks in Event Service

Per XNAT-7003 , XNAT 1.8.5 enables users to schedule event handlers, such as container executions, based on time intervals. See Scheduled Events for more details.

DICOM Import and Anonymization Improvements

Several enhancements were added to XNAT's DICOM SCP Receiver functionality, allowing for much greater control and enabling more use cases for image data importing. See updated documentation for Connecting XNAT to DICOM Scanners and PACS for more details.

Other DICOM Import and Anonymization updates:

Search User Interface & Functionality

A series of fixes were performed to improve search and filtering usability.

XFT / Datatype Improvements

A series of bugfixes in XFT data definition and handling were instituted, as well as an enhancement to support flexible data entry.

  • XNAT-6935 : Improve ID generation in single-node configurations of XNAT
  • XNAT-7063 : Put AddParam on all scan image datatypes
  • XNAT-7075 : Enable common special characters in scan AddParam values on import
  • XNAT-7077 : Scan date improperly labeled as CT scan date
  • XNAT-7096 : Improper characters allowed in ID fields created via REST
  • XNAT-7107 : Fix datatype schema definition issue with Gradle caching
  • XNAT-7111 : Remove character limit on xnat_resource URI

Miscellaneous UI Improvements

Improvements to the Notifications UI:

  • XNAT-7016 : Make "From" field customizable in notification emails
  • XNAT-7065 : Restore backwards compatibility for plugins to send notification emails
  • XNAT-7068 : Shore up user-facing workflows which failed to "welcome" new users

Improvements to the Admin UI:

  • XNAT-7038 : Improve TriagePath preference in Admin UI
  • XNAT-7147 : Expose ability to manage site-wide UI features

Other UI Fixes:

  • XNAT-6960 : Fix wayward modal dialog on Register page
  • XNAT-7043 : Add ability to add tabs to Subject report page
  • XNAT-7058 : Remove hard-coded references to "Project" to allow for custom site taxonomy
  • XNAT-7085 : Fix table sorting to be case-insensitive

Miscellaneous Backend Improvements

Technology upgrades:

Improvements to logging:

  • XNAT-7061 : Add record of each file in a downloaded zip to a new log file
  • XNAT-7098 : Fix bug in Audit restlet related to Project IDs

REST / XAPI improvements:

  • XNAT-6687 : Fix bug in DELETE - /data/experiments/ID
  • XNAT-6998 : Return proper failure code on failed authentication attempt to /data/services/auth
  • XNAT-7141 : Allow configuration of default compression method for restlets that zip files

Other improvements:

  • XNAT-6996 & XNAT-7066 : Improve behavior of caching relative to new user group creation
  • XNAT-7030 : Allow plugins to update list of open URLs without requiring a server restart
  • XNAT-7056 : Fix bug in resource file removal when "maintainFileHistory" is set to false
  • XNAT-7064 : Improve multinode handling of alias token expiration
  • XNAT-7073 : Permissions associated with shared data should follow settings in the source project, rather than the target project that data is shared into (see XNAT-6923 )
  • XNAT-7142 : Improve scalability and performance of Event Service via increased (and configurable) RingBuffer size
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