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XNAT Release Notes

XNAT is a point release containing a few small UI upgrades and bugfixes that were performed in response to user feedback from the XNAT 1.8.8 launch and the introduction of Custom Forms. Here is what changed: 

  • XNAT-7749: Fixes a bug where search listings of projects in XNAT could not be filtered
  • XNAT-7758Enhances the site navigation UI to make it easier for users to browse to search listings of XNAT projects
  • XNAT-7782: Fixes a bug that inadvertently prevented valid HTML tags from being rendered in the Workflow history table

We've recorded a quick demo of the new enhancement to the site navigation: 

There is a known limitation in this new set of links to project listings: There is not currently a way to recreate the "My Projects" listing that isolates projects that the user already has a role in. 

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