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XNAT Release Notes

XNAT is a hotfix release, addressing a critical bug in the way DicomEdit scripts are applied when custom processing is enabled on a DICOM SCP receiver. Custom processing is a feature introduced in XNAT 1.7.6 to support the DICOM Query-Retrieve Plugin. You will only be impacted if both of these conditions are true:

  1. You have ingested data via the DQR Plugin or you enabled custom processing to support your own archive processor.

  2. Your DicomEdit script modifies tags after (0032,4000).

None of the standard import methods are affected, including DICOM C-STORE without custom processing enabled, XNAT Desktop Client, Compressed Uploader, and the import REST API.

This release is not a breaking change, and will not affect other plugin compatibility. You do not need to update DQR for this hotfix, although we always recommend users update to the latest release version (DQR 1.2.0).

If you might be impacted, we’ve added a script to check for the presence and values of DICOM tags for instances in your archive. We are also in the early stages of designing a de-identification review interface, and we’d love your input. If you’d like to participate in our user interviews, please contact us at

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